The Details of What I Offer & The Cost

I install the Ubuntu Linux operating system to replace Microsoft Windows. I also provide support in case you run into trouble.

If I can’t get it done because I don’t know how and I don’t know how to acquire the knowledge or your hardware does not work with Ubuntu I will not charge you.

My fees are as below.

$30.00 One time install fee. Most likely this is all you will need to pay.

$0.00 For the entirely optional one hour tutorial where I teach you everything you need to know to be in control of your computer.

I do not install server applications and I do not support server applications.  There is one exception and that is SSH.  To install SSH I require a static IP address.  Dynamic DNS services are not supported for SSH.  I will setup and install SSH server with sane defaults and no root login and if you have a smart phone I can set up two factor authentication for SSH set up which I will do for you.