Specifications For Dell XPS 15 9560 (PDF)

Here’s a PDF file that contains everything you want to know about the Dell XPS 15 9560.  My own XPS 15 9560 has 32GB ram, 1TB NVMe, 4K touch screen, a fingerprint sensor, Nvidia 1050 GTX and Windows Pro.  The only thing I’m unhappy with is the fact that Microsoft removed ReFS from Pro, now I have to spend another $120 to upgrade Pro to get ReFS back which I need.  Otherwise the XPS 15 9560 is perfect.  It has had some BSOD related to VirtualBox which I removed VirtualBox and the BSOD fixed itself.  Aside from a few other minor bugs here and there the XPS 15 9560 has been great.  The best computer laptop I ever owned.


XPS 15 9560 Specifications

How To Obtain System Information On Windows 10 Pro

  • Right click on start menu and select Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • While PowerShell is opened, create a folder in Documents, name it something like WinInfo
  • Back to PowerShell; type:

cd c:\users\your-username\documents\WinInfo


systeminfo > systeminfo.txt

ipconfig /all > IPconfig_All.txt

For GUI applications, we will run them in admin mode, keeping PowerShell open, type:


In msinfo32, go to file>Export.  Give it a name like msinfo32 and save to the dir you created above.  When done close msinfo32.

Now type:


Give it a few seconds to load.  Check the box for check for WHQL drivers.  Then click save info.  Save to the folder you made above.

Now go to the folder and read through all the info.  There you go.  It’s up to you to interpet the data.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question about the data.

SystemInfo MSINFO32 IPconfig_All DxDiag