About us

Azure Sciences & Technologies
PO BOX 4548
Helena MT 59604

A company that helps consumers connect with the very best of open source free software.

We use KUBUNTU as our operating system exclusively, and that is what we install, and support. We believe every user of a digital device should have full ownership of the hardware, and software, and we strive to give consumers total control over their devices. We aim to educate consumers to the point where they hardly ever need us. We want consumers to know that free alternatives to proprietary software exist, and that it is just as good, and has as a high quality of finish as proprietary software.

We are not prophets on a zealous mission. We just want to take the hair pulling and sledgehammers out of consumers digital experience. We want consumers to know calm and peace when it comes to computers or at least as close as possible.

In a nutshell, we want consumers to have that feeling of, “It Just Works”.

P.S.  Even we play around with Windows and other proprietary software sometimes.  But make no mistake, we would give proprietary software the axe if we were force to choose.  We may play on Windows and try to improve the user experience on proprietary software, but it’s always with the aim of helping the user gain control over their systems and taking ownership of their hardware, software, data and all forms of property and liberty and to help them exercise their right to freedom as much as possible.

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