The Details of What I Offer & The Cost

I install the Ubuntu Linux operating system to replace Microsoft Windows. I also provide support in case you run into trouble.

If I can’t get it done because I don’t know how and I don’t know how to acquire the knowledge or your hardware does not work with Ubuntu I will not charge you.

My fees are as below.

$30.00 One time install fee. Most likely this is all you will need to pay.

$0.00 For the entirely optional one hour tutorial where I teach you everything you need to know to be in control of your computer.

I do not install server applications and I do not support server applications.  There is one exception and that is SSH.  To install SSH I require a static IP address.  Dynamic DNS services are not supported for SSH.  I will setup and install SSH server with sane defaults and no root login and if you have a smart phone I can set up two factor authentication for SSH set up which I will do for you.

My Web Site Is Coming, Hang On

I’m in the business of helping home computer users get started with Ubuntu.  The technical details are, I install Ubuntu in OEM mode and then my customers can turn on the computer and go from there. Or the customer can hire me for an hour to walk them through the new user set up and teach the person how to use the computer.

Hopefully my support services would rarely be needed if the, it just works myth comes true, lol.